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Hello, and welcome to my new computer vision homepage. Over the following weeks I intend to get this page up to speed with all my latest computer vision info. I also intend to post source code and research papers to this site incase you guys find them useful! The main topics will initially be 3D reconstuction and face recognition as these are my main areas of interest but I wil be posting anything I find remotely interesting or useful so take some time to browse around.

The main focus of the site will be posting papers I have published and work that I have done, however, I will post anything that has come in handy for me since I started my research. This includes other peoples software projects and links to places where I go to get my information. To be honest the main purpose of the site is to keep everything I’m doing in one place and to remind me what I have been up to but if anyone else finds it useful, feel free to leave me a comment.

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