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Xface is an open source toolkit implementing the MPEG-4 standard for facial animation.

Visit the Xface homepage

Main Features:

* Accepts MPEG-4 FAP files and SMIL-Agent scripts as input.
* Supports muscle based deformation (for MPEG-4) and keyframe based animation using morph targets.
* Muscle deformation methods/rules can be extended easily.
* Blending of visemes (visual phonemes), emotions, expressions.
* Head and eye movements (random and controlled).
* Can use various TTS engines using the pluggable factory mechanism.
* Control over TCP/IP. XfacePlayer can be controlled using any programming language thanks to our messaging system.
* Save animation as video in avi format.
* Platform independent code. (We distribute only windows version, however people reported compiling it under Linux successfully)

Xface consists of following software pieces;

* Xface Core is the main library for developers. All the other software in the project uses the library. It is developed using ANSI C++, and can be easily compiled with different compilers on different platforms.
* XfaceEd editor provides an easy to use interface to generate MPEG-4 ready meshes from static 3D models as well as preparing morph targets for keyframes based animation.
* XfacePlayer is a sample application that demonstrates the toolkit in action. It supports SMIL-Agent scripts, MPEG-4 FAPs as input. It can be controlled remotely over TCP/IP.
* XfaceClient provides possibility of remote control for XfacePlayer over TCP/IP.

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