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Surveillance Cameras Get Smarter

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Flow control exampleThe International Business Times is running a report on the future of surveillance cameras. The latest generation of surveillance cameras are aiming to provide a greater degree of video analysis in order to ease the burden of conventional human based video monitoring. Using algorithms to monitor crowd movement or suspicious behaviour, human operators can be alerted faster to potential problems.

Such technology is currently in use by Marines in Iraq and by the subway system in Barcelona, according to ObjectVideo, a Reston, Va., firm that makes surveillance software. ObjectVideo uses a “tripwire system” that allows users to set up virtual perimeters that are monitored by the cameras. If someone crosses that perimeter, the system picks it up, sends out an alert, and security staff can determine if there is a threat.

A number of white papers are avaliable from the ObjectVideo site which explain the methods behind their surveillance systems.

Intelligent Video Surveillance (pdf)
Intelligent Video as a Force Multiplier (pdf)
Forensics (pdf)
Flow Control (pdf)

This story was covered by slashdot here.

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