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Universal Spree

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UniversalWe spent all day at Universal studios today. Certainly some of the best rollercosters I’ve ever been on. It’s been in the 30’s pretty much all day too so the tan is coming on nicely. The hulk has to be one of the craziest rides about, most of the time your upside down or plummiting down a suitably steep drop. Bit of a pain in the arse queueing for 30 minutes but towards the end of the day you could pretty much walk straight onto any ride you fancied. The spiderman ride is also something to be experienced too, some of the 3D special effects are, well, special.

I’ve managed to fix the photo gallery now so all the latest pictures are avaliable there.

We’re off to downtown disney tonight (for the second night in a row). It’s a pretty strange place designed mostly to part you with your money. Everything is so big and bright it hurts to look at. We had some quality food in a mock Irish pub which was really nice but you get the impression that they are trying so hard to be authentic and you kind of end up with a weird American-Irish crossover which just feels a bit strange. Anyhows, I’m taking my camera back there tonight so some pictures of the weirdness will be coming tomorrow.

We’ve also booked some tickets to go to the Kennedy Space Centre. Can’t wait…

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