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Facial Animation Toolset for Maya

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Facial Animation SetupFrom the Institute of Animation homepage:

“We have developed a set of specialized Maya-tools targeted at reducing the amount of tedious work associated with the setup process of high quality, animatable characters. The Adaptable Facial Setup is capable of driving any humanoid geometry, drawing from an extensive, FACS-based library of facial movement components.

The process of fitting the head skeleton to the individual geometry is simplified by offering a standard set of skin weights that accomodates the typical deformation regions of the face. Any skin weights may be cloned topology-independent from one head to another utilizing the Geometry Matching Tool. The Corrective Blendshape Manager offers a useful way to add subtle deformations to a skinned mesh. Blendshape targets can be created and edited, and are computed with respect to the bind pose of the skinned mesh.”

Check out the video below to see whats possible with this tool.

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